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Who We Are

We are Karin & Greg, Maya, and Finley - a family of four trying to live sustainably on 1/3 acre near the downtown core of Kitchener, a mid-sized Canadian city. In the past, we have lived and worked on a variety of organic & biodynamic farms across Canada, and through these experiences developed the desire to grow our own food and live a life that is light on the earth. We also enjoy the vibrant community & car-free options the city life offers, and yet dream of a slower, self-reliant rurally based existence. For now, our homestead at Little City Farm is just the place where we can live a more simple, healthful, restorative and earth-centred existence.

Welcome to Little City Farm

At Little City Farm we are practicing ways to reduce consumption and incorporate natural cycles into every day living, and rather than setting up a rural homestead we are exploring what this lifestyle can look like in the city. By choosing to run our little farm here and use it to provide educational opportunities for the public, we hope to help support endeavors that promote community, and increase the livability of our city.

In the spirit of "modern pioneering", we aim to provide many of our basic needs for ourselves (food, water, shelter, energy, transportation) while reducing our impact on the environment. In 2007 we opened our cozy 100+ year old home as an eco-friendly B&B and urban homestead, in the hopes of sharing our life and inspiring others to take their own steps toward greater sustainability .

More about what we do here:

We grow much of our own food; dry and preserve foods for the winter; practice traditional homesteading skills like soapmaking and bread baking; we harvest rainwater and recycle our household greywater; we make herbal remedies using botanicals grown in our gardens. We try to minimize purchases, either making our own or reusing/recycling/repurposing/reinventing/restoring. What we can't produce ourselves we try to buy from local artisans and farmers to help support our local economy. We operate a variety of small home-based businesses that produce quality handmade goods, and host an annual Seedling Sale in May, providing heirloom and organic seedlings for city gardeners!

We are a permaculture-inspired homestead, trying to use the 12 key principles of permaculture as a guide in all aspects of our life. This includes observing nature; creatively using and responding to change; using small & slow solutions; valuing diversity; using & valuing renewable resources; producing no waste; catching & storing energy.

We host year-round workshops as part of our ongoing Sustainability Workshop Series, offering hands-on classes on the topics of homesteading, permaculture, herbal remedies, beekeeping, and more! We also maintain a Blog as another way of sharing information about city farming, sustainability, and our homesteading life. Through our eco accommodations, we can also offer guests a chance to experience our daily life here at Little City Farm.

Although we are not "off-grid", we are striving toward reducing our energy consumption and using sustainable or human-powered options where possible. We use a passive solar greenhouse to grow seedlings; ride bicycles or walk for errands; and power our home with 100% green renewable energy from Bullfrog Power (green energy provider).

We hope that by sharing our home through public events, workshops and the bed & breakfast, we will offer inspiration to others along their own journey toward greater sustainability.

A Little More About Us

Greg's background is carpentry and construction, a trade he went into with the intent of someday building his own sustainable home. Greg has built the strawbale house addition, cob oven and passive solar greenhouse/farm studio here at Little City Farm. For more than a decade Greg worked for a non-profit organization supporting a local barter system and small business development. He now operates his own home renovation business Plane & Simple Home Repair and Renovations.

Karin's passions include herbal medicine, ferments, wholegrain bread baking, growing food, wild-foraging, and grassroots community education. Having been a vegetarian for more than 20 years, she loves developing healthy whole-food plant-based meals for B&B guests, as well as growing and preserving the garden harvest. Karin is a Master Herbalist and has been studying herbal medicine since 1997 - she teaches herbal classes at Little City Farm and in the community, and makes natural soaps and herbal products with Homestead Herbals .

Maya , our ever-growing farm girl, helps out with all aspects of the homestead! She supervizes the harvest, cares for & feeds the animals here, helps us in the kitchen, climbs trees, and generally keeps us entertained with her new discoveries and joy for life (usually with sketch book in hand).

Finley, the youngest urban farmer here, is quickly becoming accustomed to life at Little City Farm. He happily observes the happenings of our homestead while riding in a backpack, or sitting in the garden with his hands in the dirt.

Lucky, our Norwegian Elkhound-Border Collie puppy, is a constant companion. This farm dog is most happy when he can accompany us with any chore we are doing. One of his favourite past-times is herding our chickens.

Luna, our most recent addition to the farm, is our sweet black housecat. She can usually be found lazing in a sunny window or snuggling up with our dog Lucky.


We have used green energy to power our eco B&B and homestead for nearly a decade through Bullfrog Power.

Little City Farm is Bullfrog Powered

508 Duke Street West, Kitchener, ON, N2H 3Y8
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Phone: (519) 575-9174