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If you feel you are able, please consider making a small donation as a "pay-it-forward" gift for someone on a fixed income to attend one of our classes.

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How to Register for our Workshops:

Location: All classes are at our Little City Farm location, 508 Duke St. West in Kitchener, unless otherwise noted. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Read the full WORKSHOP REGISTRATION POLICIES HERE for Little City Farm workshops.




Dates: Choose one: Saturday March 4, April 1, OR May 6
Time: from 1-4 pm on each date
Facilitator: Karin Kliewer, local herbalist & soap maker

Description: Learn to make beautiful, long-lasting, natural soap that is free of additives, preservatives, sulphates and other nasty chemicals that can be found in commercial soaps. In this busy hands-on workshop you will be walked through the entire process of making traditional all-natural cold process vegan soap using organic vegetable oils, lye, pure essential oils, natural clays and organic botanicals.  We will briefly cover the chemistry of soap making, plus lye safety, calculating recipes, properties of oils, measuring ingredients, preparing soap molds, cutting and curing soap, and sourcing ingredients.

Each participant will make their own 1 lb batch of organic vegan soap to take home (aprox. 5 large bars). All ingredients, tools, including a take-home wooden handcrafted soap mold & cutter, instructions, handout notes and recipes will be provided.

Please note: Participants are asked to bring an old towel, wear old clothes and an apron as soap making can be messy.

Cost: $125 + HST (INCLUDES YOUR OWN 4 LB WOODEN HANDCRAFTED SOAP MOLD TO TAKE HOME, plus a stainless steel soap cutter, all materials & safety gear for the class, instruction, handout notes and resources, and your own 1 lb take-home batch of custom soap!)

Workshop dates - please choose one:



Date: Saturday, February 18
Time: from 1-3 pm
Facilitator: with Jackie McMillan, local whole foods educator

Description: Lacto-fermented foods have been around for centuries in various cultural traditions. There is good reason for the enthusiasm over these live cultured foods - from kimchi to sauerkraut to crock pickles to homemade mustards and more - these foods are brimming with nutrition, filled with digestive enzymes that are wonderful for our gut health, they preserve well without canning, and are easy to make. Attend this hands-on workshop to learn the secrets of how to make these irresistible and delicious live cultured foods at home. We'll be making a lacto-fermented vegetable kraut, so come prepared for tasting and samples to take home. Please bring an apron, cutting board, good knife for chopping vegetables, and a 1 litre mason jar to take samples.

Cost: $40 + HST (includes all materials, instruction, handout notes, and take home samples)



Date: Saturday, February 25
Time: from 1-3 pm
Facilitator: with Karin Kliewer, local herbalist

Description: All natural medicinal salves & balms can be used to heal yourself and your family from minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, insect bites, and other skin irritations. Soothing lipbalms can heal dry chapped lips and protect you from sun, wind and cold weather. In this workshop we will cover a basic history of folk herbalism in the "simper tradition", where simple ingredients such as organic herbs, oils, and beeswax are used to make medicinal herbal salves and lipbalms. We will introduce a selection of wonderful herbs that can be used for making salves, discuss herbal salves for children, demonstrate how to make herbal medicinal oils (using solar infusions and other methods), and discuss where to source ingredients. There will be a hands-on component where participants make their own winter salve & healing lipbalm to take home.

Cost: $45 + HST (includes all materials, instruction, handout notes, and take home samples)



Date: Saturday, March 11
Time: from 1-3 pm
Facilitator: with Heather Cain, local herbalist and reflexology practitioner

Description: Join us for a tea ceremony in which we'll meditate and journey with herbs to support us during these dark days of winter. Journeying is done with a drum and puts the brain into an altered wave state, whcih allows for subtler perception and receptivitiy to plant vibrations. This process invites the healing light of the plant to heal and nourish us on every level (body-heart-mind-spirit) and in whatever ways we need. We'll sepnd a bit of time outside, tuning into the gardens through our body's way of knowing or "felt sense". You will receive a healing remedy to take home.

Cost: $40 + HST (includes all materials, instruction, handout notes, and take home samples)



Date: Sat, March 18
Time: 1-3 pm
Facilitator: Angie Koch, local organic farmer, owner of Fertile Ground CSA

Description: Grow your own garden seedlings from seed this year! It's not too late to get started. During this informative workshop local organic farmer Angie will walk participants through all the basics in growing seedlings successfully - including using organic methods, grow lights, preparing proper soil mixes, where to source seeds and supplies, seed starting charts, germination guidelines, transplanting tips, and trouble shooting. Take home seeds you have planted, two packages of your choice organic non-GMO seeds, plus handout notes and charts.

Cost: $30 + HST (includes all materials, instruction, handout notes, and take home samples)



Date: Sat, March 25 AND Sun, March 26
Time: both days from 1-3 pm
Facilitators: Michelle Morin & Karin Kliewer, local urban chicken-keepers


Have you been curious about keeping backyard chickens? Want to meet others who also long to keep their own small flock of hens? Join this two-part "chicken immersion" workshop with local urban chicken keepers, Michelle and Karin, to learn all you need to know for getting started with your own backyard hens. In part one we'll discuss what to consider when deciding if hens are right for you. You'll want to think about the number of chickens that will work for your space, best breeds for backyards, dimensions and style of coop, coop cleaning guidelines, winter care, dealing with heat in summer, vacations (for you), chick handling and raising, how to keep hens in your yard, rodent control, and city bylaws. We'll see the coop and hen yard at Little City Farm, and meet the friendly chickens here.


We want you to feel confident keeping your backyard flock healthy, safe and happy. In part two of this workshop we'll talk about potential health issues and hazards that will come up for your hens. For example, parasites, predators, handling sick or wounded chickens, egg eating, and molting. Learn basic chicken first aid for stressful situations, herbal remedies and feed supplements made with herbs you can grow in your own garden, how to sprout grains for a healthy hens diet, making your own herbal chick feed, benefits of dust baths for hens, and creative tips for preventing coop boredom (especially in winter).

Cost: $60 + HST (covers 2-day workshop) (includes all materials, instruction, handout notes, resources). Please dress to be outdoors!



Date: Sat, April 8
Time: from 1-4 pm
Facilitator: Karin Kliewer, local herbalist & soap maker

Description: Why use goats milk soap? Goats milk makes a lovely creamy soap that has long been used as a to effectively moisturize and rejuvinate the skin.  It naturally exfoliates the skin, and creates a mild soap that is ideal for sensitive skin including children, and those prone to dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Using goats milk in soap making has a few tricky challenges. In this busy hands-on workshop you will learn to make your own organic goats milk soap using organic oils, lye, local organic goats milk, pure essential oils and organic botanicals. We will briefly cover the basics of cold process soap making (soap chemistry, lye safety, measuring, molds) BUT in this class we do expect participants to already have made cold process soap before. We highly recommend taking our Intro to Cold Process Soap Making Class before taking this workshop.

Upon registration for this class, you will receive an email with further workshop details. Each participant will make their own 1 lb batch of organic vegan soap to take home (aprox. 5 large bars). All ingredients, tools, including a take-home wooden handcrafted soap mold & cutter, instructions, handout notes and recipes will be provided.

Please note: Participants are asked to bring an old towel, wear old clothes and an apron as soap making can be messy.

Cost: $80 + HST OR $125 + HST (includes all materials & safety gear, instruction, handout notes, your own 1 lb take-home batch of custom soap, optional purchase of take-home wooden soap mold and soap cutter!) If you already have a wooden mold please choose the "Class Only" registration option.

Registration options:



Date: Sat, April 15
Time: from 1-3 pm
Facilitator: Karin Kliewer, from Little City Farm

Description: Cob is a wonderful natural building material made from clay, sand and straw. It is used around the world to make all types of projects, from benches to ovens, and even homes! Cob ovens are great additions to backyards and community spaces, as they can be built with low cost and no previous building experience. They offer unique outdoor baking opportunities, and they provide delicious wood-fired breads and pizzas! Join us for this workshop to learn what you need to know for building your own cob oven - such as making the right cob mix, things to consider when planning your oven, the stages of building your oven, and firing and baking in the oven. During this workshop participants will get to handle samples of cob mix, help with firing the oven here at Little City Farm, and then enjoy a snack of fresh wood-fired pizza that we'll make together.

Please note: this is an outdoor workshop - please dress for the weather and wear old clothes for this workshop.

Cost: $30 + HST (includes all instruction, handout notes, and wood-fired baked pizza snack).



Date: Sat April 22
Time: from 1-3 pm
Facilitator: with Michelle Morin, local beekeeper

Description: Several species of bees have recently been added to the endangered species list for the first time in history. Find out more about what this means for us, and what you can do to help. The Top-Bar method of beekeeping provides a holistic, respectful and purposeful approach to beekeeping. Top-bar beekeeping is less expensive, less work, and less intrusive than other beekeeping methods. Join this workshop to learn more about the Top-Bar method of tending bees, which is focused not so much on yield of honey but on natural hive management, organic practices, and the relationship a beekeeper can develop with the amazing organism that is a beehive. We will specifically be discussing the responsibilities of an urban beekeeper. Viewing top-bar hive construction and learning about basic beekeeping tools will also be part of this class. Check out the website Gaia Bees to see if this approach to beekeeping appeals to you.

Please note: this is an outdoor workshop so please dress for the weather.

Cost: $30 (includes all instruction, handout notes)



Date: Sat April 29
Time: from 1-3 pm
Facilitator: with Karin Kliewer, local herbalist

Description: Get prepared for the summer with your own herbal first aid kit! You can handle most simple first aid situations with basic herbal remedies made at home. Join herbalist Karin Kliewer to discover remedies for healing minor cuts & scrapes, bumps & bruises, sore muscles, headaches, bug bites, sunburn, poison ivy, and more. In this workshop you'll learn how to make liniments, salves, poultices, and healing sprays, using herbs and basic natural ingredients. During the workshop we'll make several remedies together, including an all purpose antiseptic healing salve, a plantain poultice, and a lavender mist. You'll take home samples of each remedy we make, plus plenty of other recipes to complete your first aid kit.

Cost: $50 + HST (includes all instruction, handout notes, and your own first aid remedies to take home)



Date: Sat, May 13 and May 27 (choose one date)
Time: 1-3 pm
Facilitator: Jackie McMillan, local educator and wild foods enthusiast

Description:Join us for our annual spring wild foraging workshop to learn what you need to know about how to find, safely identify, carefully harvest, and prepare wild spring edibles for eating. We'll talk about wild foods such as wild leeks, dandelions, fiddleheads, wood sorrel, violets, burdock root, and many other commonly found edible greens, flowers, roots and herbs. Taste delicious samples as part of this workshop.

Please note: dress for the weather as this is an outdoor workshop (rain or shine).

Cost: $30 + HST
(includes all instruction, handout notes, and wild foraged samples)

Please choose one date:


Date: Sun, May 28
Time: from 1-2:30 pm
Facilitator: Karin Kliewer, from Little City Farm
Description: Late spring and summer is the time to make garden art using the power of the sun! Explore the traditional cyanotype (or "sun-art") process, an early print-making method dating back to the 1840's which has remained nearly unchanged since it's invention. Cyanotypes are also the origin of blue prints, and the early photography process.

For more than a century botanists have used the cyanotype process to create beautiful prints of plants and you can too! In this workshop each participant will have the chance to make several of their own cyanotypes on fabric, using the power of the sun and herbs and wild plants from the Little City Farm property. The finished printed fabric can be made into gorgeous wall art, pillow covers, clothing patches, quilt pieces, and more! Please dress to be outside.

This is a family-friendly workshop! Children age 5+ are welcome to join (if you bring a child please let us know in advance, and you will make your set of art prints together).

Cost: $35 + HST (includes all materials, instruction, and two of your own completed cyanotype botanical prints to take home)




Dates: Saturdays May 13, May 27, June 3, June 10
Time: from 9-12 noon on each date
Facilitator: Karin Kliewer, local herbalist

Description: We invite you to join us for an exciting unique 4-part series focusing on hands-on folk herbalism! This series includes on-site learning at Little City Farm, plus some "home" assignments, and additional support between sessions. Workshops will be held on 4 Saturdays at Little City Farm.

At the end of this series you will have gained:
~ confidence and knowledge of growing/using basic medicinal herbs at home
~ a well-stocked pantry of simple herbal home remedies you have made
~ hands-on experience making 10+ herbal products (e.g. oils, salves, poultices, decoctions, tinctures, cough syrups)
~ familiarity with 20+ medicinal herbs for home use
~ guidelines for herbal dosages and basic herbal first aid for home use
~ general understanding of plant identification and ethical wild harvesting
~ hands-on experience harvesting, storing, drying, and using medicinal herbs
~ basic understanding of herbal gardening, herbal propagation, planting and seed saving
~ simple outline for starting your own medicinal herb garden at home
~ knowledge of where to source quality herbs and herbal product-making supplies
~ a collection of herbal recipes, hand-outs and other useful resources
~ a network of other community members interested in natural herbal healing
~ a beautiful hand-drawn botanical herbal journal (made by you during this class!)

This workshop series also includes for you:
~ a copy of Rosemary Gladstar's book Medicinal Herbs: A Beginners Guide
~ medicinal herb plants to get your healing herb garden started this year!
~ sharing in an amazing herbal class potluck on the final day!

Limited space to 10 participants. For questions or to be added to our waiting list please contact Karin at: / or 519-575-9174

Cost: $300 + HST (includes all materials, instruction, herbal book, medicinal plants, and collection of your own handmade remedies to take home). A $50 deposit is required to hold your place. Payment can be made in installments (see options below).


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